environmental responsibility

Hygiene Systems is a privately owned group that provides advanced controlled dispensing systems and associated services to businesses worldwide. We are constantly challenging convention and tradition, and use state of the art technology and expertise to reduce the impact of hygiene consumables and services on the environment.

We are committed to continuing or design and manufacture of environmentally responsible products and systems which optimise consumable usage and reduce wastage of business consumables.

Reducing use of materials and resources is both a financial and environmental focus for Hygiene Systems. Environmental responsibility with regard to consumable usage can be managed by both the supplier and the user. As a supplier, we actively promote and focus on equipment that discourages wasteful usage by controlling the dispensing of the product. We adjust our equipment settings such as time delays and dispensing volumes to reduce overuse of consumables.

Our goal is to increase the education and promotion of responsible consumable usage by encouraging users to 'take less'. As a general rule, hygiene facilities and provisions are almost universally provided free of charge to staff, customers, and the public.  All "free" and un-metered offerings, be it a buffet dinner or paper towels, place the onus on the customer to use responsibly - encouraging good, but environmentally responsible hygiene practices is an essential part of the Hygiene Systems offering.

paper or air?

Hand drying methods are the undisputed champion of disagreement in the hygiene industry. Pros and cons are hotly debated, sometimes very publicly and with aggressive traditional and social media tactics employed. Almost every month a 'sponsored' lengthy LCA (Life Cycle Analysis) study is conducted to 'prove' that electric air dryers are the most environmentally efficient method of hand drying. In rebuttal, another 'sponsored' study will be produced which argues the opposite, whilst attacking the omission of considerations for hygiene efficacy.

We believe that our paper product offerings provide the best balance of efficiency and efficacy. We supply both free-flow and controlled feed paper towels, and rigorously specify each system based on the historical requirements of the type of installation. Controlled feed dispensing is almost never included in Jet Dryer LCA studies. We also promote the use of waterless hand sanitisers where appropriate. Our extensive experience and feedback from a customer standpoint supports our belief that users overwhelmingly prefer paper towel for convenience and effectiveness.


Many of our products are certified for various applications and sources. If you are concerned about product certification or have a specific requirement please contact us.

Our team includes experts in all areas of sourcing and supply, and we are in regular discussion and co-operation with our supply partners - if you have a question chances are we can answer it!

Please see the resources section of our Product Pages to see if we have uploaded Certificates for the product that interests you.