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Does your school have the best hand hygiene protection for your staff and students?

Why is hand hygiene so important in schools?

Schools are one of the most densely populated gatherings outside of large events and public transport. They are a breeding ground for cross-contamination and have a huge responsibility to stop the spread of illness through our community. Washing and drying your hands correctly and regularly is the easiest way to ensure a safe and healthy learning environment. Research shows that incorrect handwashing can cost the education system millions of sick days, for students and staff.

We know excellent hygiene protection comes at a cost financially and environmentally. Managing and maintaining hygiene within schools is a challenging task.

Establishing a culture of hand hygiene

Teaching your students about the importance of good hand hygiene is a great place to start. Reinforcing that handwashing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds then thoroughly drying with a paper towel is the most effective way of preventing the spread of germs and viruses.

Having access to hand sanitiser throughout the school but especially at entry and exit points and other places without access to soap and water is also good practice.

Promoting good hand hygiene with posters, stickers and other visual clues in prominent areas also aids in establishing this culture.

extra protection,
extra support,
no extra cost.

Extra protection

As hygiene professionals, we work alongside our customers to protect their staff and students by providing the highest standard of hand hygiene products and services. Our innovative paper towel dispenser, the Autotowel, leaves no space for cross-contamination. Drying your hands with paper is the final step to perfect handwashing procedures.

Extra support

Our fleet of over 30 service vehicles, experienced install technicians and friendly service staff continuously maintain a high standard of hygiene protection on your site.

Through the innovative design of our products and consumables, we promise to reduce your waste and cost while improving hygiene within your school.

Continually managing and maintaining hygiene within education facilities is a challenging task. Typically suppliers don't offer maintenance and support programmes. Hygiene Systems ensure your school's protection is continuously our priority. With Hoop247 - our online support platform, full servicing team and local hygiene consultants you can be assured you are getting the best hygiene protection. We also offer full washroom service programmes. Our services include full washroom hygiene services, sanitary waste disposal and deep cleans.

No extra cost

We know excellent hygiene protection can come at a cost financially and environmentally. Time delays and adjusting the paper length, allow our customers control of consumable usage. Together we can reduce your cost and waste while improving hygiene within your facility.

"We have been using Hygiene Systems for the past year and have been completely satisfied. They offer the most competitive pricing and have assited in reducing our paper towel usage. The technicians do an excellent job and are always punctual."

Karyn Houston - Park Ridge State School

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How we work

We maintain a professional hygiene service to customers nationwide. Our experienced service technicians work with an online service app to ensure they maintain their service schedules and professional performance.

We invest in high-quality equipment to guarantee a professional hygiene experience for our customer.

Our hygiene consumables are manufactured to European standards with an emphasis on quality and time managed performance. Our technicians maintain, clean and upgrade dispensers and will also adjust services if and when required on each site visit, which all forms part of our regular on-site maintenance programme.

Site survey

We will arange for your local hygiene consultant to visit your site to carry out a site survey to determine the best solution for your site.


Your local hygiene consultant will then prepare a detailed proposal tailored to your specific needs.


Once you have accepted our proposal and signed your service agreement our professional installation team will liaise with you to book in your install at a time convenient to you.


Our friendly and professional service team will complete your scheduled services and any proactive maintenance require

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