Golf Day 2021 – Hygiene Systems Australia


a one year supply and maintenance of Autotowel dispensers with consumables for your office.

*upto the value of $1000

Please consider the below:

Have you been in any unhygienic washrooms in the last 14 days?

Have you suffered from unpleasant odours during a washroom visit?

Have you recently seen waste bins overflowing with paper?

If you have experienced any of the above, we urge you to remain calm and call Hygiene Systems.

Maintaining the highest standard of washroom hygiene between on site cleans.

reduce cost & waste improve hygiene

Our innovative dispensers efficiently provide the highest standard of hygiene at no extra cost.

fully supported

All our dispensers come fully supported by our team of experienced technicians who work alongside you and your customers to maintain hygiene protection.

one professional provider

As professionals we offer products and services for all your customer's hygiene needs. This allows for consistency and easy online ordering through one provider.