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Does your facility have the best hygiene protection for your members?

Sport and Recreation Clubs have facilities where people can exercise, socialise, and enjoy leisurely activities. We believe that excellent washroom and hygiene equipment in this type of facility are essential as this reflects on the safety and standard of the entire establishment.

Excellent hygiene systems demonstrate to both current and prospective members that the facilities are safe, hygienic and respectable.

Never let your guard down.

Staying on top of your game is especially important when stopping the spread of bacteria and viruses. Prioritising hygiene protection is a big responsibility and can often be challenging to maintain in facilities with concentrated usage. As professional hygiene protection provider, we work alongside sports and recreation facilities to manage and maintain hygiene protection.

Best practices

Good hand hygiene is the best tool against spreading germs when participating in sport or active recreation. Good hygiene practices and regular disinfecting of surfaces are critical to controlling the spread of bacteria and illness.

Hand sanitiser at entry and exit points provides hygiene protection right as members enter the facility, preventing cross-contamination immediately. Ideally, all members would wash their hands upon entry; hand sanitiser is an easy and fast alternative. Our automatic spray stations can be placed anywhere for convenient entry and exit sanitising.

Surface hygiene maintenance between nightly cleans is essential when maintaining a safe and healthy facility. Members and staff usually carry out this maintenance with the provided sanitising systems. Providing the correct systems for your members promotes good hygiene practices and is the first step to achieving a clean space.

Sanitising your gym equipment after each use greatly reduces the chances of members passing on bugs to fellow gym users. It also helps to preserve the life of the equipment and improves the hygiene of the facility. We have created a no-touch sanitising station that is a very cost-effective and functional way of achieving this.

You simply tear off a paper towel, place it under the automatic sanitiser dispenser then wipe down your equipment. We even provide an integrated waste bin for used paper towels.

Fixed sanitiser vs mobile sanitiser

With a mobile sanitising option, like spray bottles, other gym users can be sprayed unintentionally and equipment can be saturated with liquid. The sanitiser station stops any unwanted atomised sanitiser spraying other gym users and reduces the amount of chemical the metal and plastic components of equipment are exposed to.

It is also much more cost effective and controllable than a wet wipe option. Users are more inclined to pull out multiple wipes and wipes tend to leave equipment wet for the next user.

All equipment is supplied and serviced free on loan. Backing boards can be customised with your logo and corporate branding.

If you want to know more or to arrange a trial contact us.

We have had Hygiene Systems looking after our hygiene products and services for the past 6 years and have found them to be very professional and a pleasure to deal with. They are very competitive on price and possess a culture of excellent customer service. I have no hesitation in highly recommending this company.

Steven Lindsay - General Manager, AUT Millennium

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How we work

We maintain a professional hygiene service to customers nationwide. Our experienced service technicians work with an online service app to ensure they maintain their service schedules and professional performance.

We invest in high-quality equipment to guarantee a professional hygiene experience for our customer.

Our hygiene consumables are manufactured to European standards with an emphasis on quality and time managed performance. Our technicians maintain, clean and upgrade dispensers and will also adjust services if and when required on each site visit, which all forms part of our regular on-site maintenance programme.

Site survey

We will arange for your local hygiene consultant to visit your site to carry out a site survey to determine the best solution for your site.


Your local hygiene consultant will then prepare a detailed proposal tailored to your specific needs.


Once you have accepted our proposal and signed your service agreement our professional installation team will liaise with you to book in your install at a time convenient to you.


Our friendly and professional service team will complete your scheduled services and any proactive maintenance require

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