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Environmental responsibility

Whether it’s the design of a new piece of equipment, the source of a new consumable or simply a change in internal procedures, sustainability is at the forefront of every decision we make. We are dedicated to achieving optimal sustainability without compromising the high standards of hygiene that are essential in our industry.

consumption control
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Our goal is to increase the education and promotion of responsible consumable usage by encouraging users to take only what they need. Encouraging good, but environmentally responsible hygiene practices is an essential part of our philosophy. We will continue to lead the way in promoting waste reduction without it being detrimental to hygiene or the environment.

It is our major point of difference and we invest a lot of time and money into ensuring we stay well ahead in the industry. We are very aware of the challenges associated with providing effective hygiene, minimising waste, breaking the wasteful habits of some users, and ensuring waste that is gathered is disposed of with no or little impact on the environment.

Rechargeable batteries

The next stage in our quest is to challenge and change the industry tradition of using single-use batteries.

It’s been a decade in the making, but recent advances in energy density, lifespan and cost have allowed us to finally enter into the commercialisation of reliable and safe rechargeable batteries for our equipment.

The first module will power all new Autotowel dispensers and will flow through to our other units in time. We anticipate the Autotowel units will be ready for market in the second half of 2023.

Extending dispenser lifecycle

Reuse or recycle

We innovate dispenser design to minimise waste and extend lifespan. With high-quality, replaceable components, we reduce discarded units by replacing only faulty parts. Our recycling program reintegrates unusable components, minimising environmental impact. By combining durable construction, replaceable parts, and a robust recycling system, we reduce environmental impact.

Consumption control

Reduce waste and cost, while ensuring hygiene excellence.

Controlling consumption in washroom dispensers is crucial for reducing waste, maintaining cleanliness by preventing clutter, improving the user experience with always stocked dispensers and achieving cost savings. It's an important aspect of responsible and efficient washroom management.

As a supplier, we actively promote and focus on equipment that discourages wasteful usage by controlling the dispensing of the product. We adjust our equipment settings such as time delays and dispensing volumes to reduce overuse of consumables and therefore reduce waste.

Sanitary waste

A sustainable and environmentally friendly solution for sanitary waste disposal. Our Femcare bin is equipped with P-Max, a long-lasting, slow-release antimicrobial sanitising granule that immediately treats the waste and eliminates viruses, pathogens, and odours without the use of harmful chemicals.

Service frequencies are determined by site usage, and double dosing extends the schedule by up to eight weeks, reducing carbon emissions and improving scheduling efficiency.

As the first hygiene company in Australia to offer in-cubicle service and cleaning, we've saved millions of litres of water, reduced carbon emissions and established a new industry standard.

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Parkridge State School

We have been using Hygiene Systems for the past year and have been completely satisfied. They offer the most competitive pricing and have assisted in reducing our paper towel usage. The technicians do an excellent job and are always punctual.


Vulcan Steel

The online ordering system is very easy to re-order our products and to request maintenance service requirements. The communication from all requested services and orders processed have been great, with an excellent response time to our requests.

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