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Our equipment fees cover monthly equipment rental and battery maintenance, if applicable. Additionally, we offer comprehensive coverage for all repairs and replacements during the agreement period, at no extra cost.

Touch-free paper towel dispenser

The Autotowel Touch-Free Paper Towel Dispenser is a controlled paper towel system which reduces cost, waste and the risk of cross-contamination.

Controlled consumption
FSC certified paper
Stubroll feature
Energy efficient

protective body

The antimicrobial body protects paper until the sensor is activated by the user. This prevents cross-contamination and offers the highest standard of hand drying procedures for your staff and customers.


Our touch-free dispensers are convenient, practical and highly efficient. The touch-free feature eliminates cross-contamination, enhances the user experience and encourages good hand hygiene compliance.

reduce waste upto 40%

Controlled dispensing Minimising waste is a massive factor in sustainable hand drying, and we achieve that with controlled dispensing, adjusting paper length settings and dispensing time delays. Our customers see up to a 40% reduction in paper waste when switching from other paper towel dispensers.

Unique stub roll feature The Autotowel has a unique stub roll delivery feature which allows a continuous feed from the partially finished roll to the new roll, avoiding any wastage. Using the stub roll feature can save up to 20% of paper waste

maximum hygiene benefits, minimal environmental impact

Autotowel pushes the limits of sustainable hygiene while maintaining excellent hygiene outcomes. Backed by the latest technology to provide the most efficient control of dispensing for proven usage, cost and waste reduction.

The high-capacity design reduces maintenance and allows exceptional control over service intervals while the touch-free feature eliminates cross-contamination, enhances the user experience and encourages good hand hygiene compliance.

FSC-certified high-density paper consumables, produced in a zero waste production line, pair perfectly with the Autotowel to further increase efficacy.

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Rechargable batteries

It’s been a decade in the making, but recent advances in energy density, lifespan and cost have allowed us to finally enter into the commercialisation of reliable and safe rechargeable batteries for our equipment. We anticipate the batteries will be ready for market in the first half of 2024.

FSC certified paper

All of our paper products are FSC certified. This means they all come from sustainably managed forests where the trees are harvested responsibly so there is no net loss of forest over time. Forests with irreplaceable values, such as old-growth forests, are identified and maintained.

High density consumables

Autotowel consumables also offer the highest density-to-sheet ratio of any paper towel system, resulting in dramatically reduced shipping volume and environmental footprint.

Free installation & maintenance

All our dispensers come with free installation and maintenance programmes. This maintenance includes the replacement of batteries, cleaning the dispensers and updating settings for optimal usage.

customise your autotowel

The flat panel fascia of the NEO range dispensers have been designed to enable easy customisation. We can print almost anything on to removable vinyl and place it on the panel. These vinyl prints are for medium-term use so you could have some company messaging, branding or even advertising produced. You could also just have a new aesthetic. The healthcare and childcare options we have created for some of our existing customers have proved a real talking point.

consumable options
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Consumables can be purchased separately as needed.
Paper Towel
2 ply
Autoroll Recycled
Recycled Paper towel
1 ply
Autoroll Maxi
Paper Towel
2 ply
Autoroll Maxi Mixed
Mixed recycled paper
2 ply


Equipment + Service

Battery replacement
Setting optimisation
Dispenser insurance
Coverage for repairs
Sanitary waste removal
Refill of dispensers


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Is the Autotowel suitable for all ages?


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